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Ceiling Fan in Bali
Ceiling fans, when properly used, can reduce both heating and air conditioning costs. Even if the fan only allows you to make small adjustments to your thermostat, the energy saving can still be significant, and also more saving in electricity bills. Average ceiling fans only uses 75 watts at high speed, while an air conditioner consume 350 t0 2000 watts.
Many villas in Bali are equipped with ceiling fans and air conditioner, so the tenants have option of whether they want to use ceiling fans when they want to feel natural breeze of wind, or use air conditioning in a very hot day.
Alabaster Lighting provide many kinds of decorative ceiling fans to suit your room style, as well as standard functional ceiling fans with high quality standard.

Ceiling Fan with plastic blade
Beachfront villas are the most sought after locations for villas in Bali. The nice view of the beach are accompanied with some problems for the villa owners. A lot of things get rusty in beachfront villa, including ceiling fan. Alabaster Lighting now has a new type of ceiling fan with plastic blade, thus this type of ceiling fan can withstand weather conditions of Bali, and can be put in outdoor locations. The plastic are lookalike metal, and comes in many choices of color: mocca brown, black, white, gold and silver.

Edison Lightbulb
Edison lightbulb is making a come back in the lighting industry. It has unique look with the filament seen through the clear glass, it comes in straight line or spiral look. Edison lightbulbs are now combined with various lamp design to create stunning chandelier. The latest development in LED industry is the Edison LED bulb, with only 4,5 watt but has the power equal to 40 watt.

Industrial lighting is coming to Bali! With the abundance of booming villa industry, villa's interiors has evolve in recent years with many style emerging. Industrial lighting reflects factory era elements, including raw and exposed materials. Elements like rustic wood also widely used. Some people associate industrial lighting with vintage look too, and Bali is the perfect place if you want to find old antique things. Find wide range of industrial lighting in our catalogue and if you prefer to custom made your chandelier, contact us for further details.

Industrial Lighting in Bali

Industrial lighting refer to lighting design inspired by the early 20th century industrial lighting. This type of design cherish an age that dedicated to manufacturing, mechanical creativity, and appreciating raw and functional interiors. Today the industrial lighting has been soften to match the interiors of the house. A twist of vintage in here and there can bring your interior alive.
Bali has seen emerging trends of industrial lighting being used in a lot of caf├ęs and restaurants. And some people bring that industrial look to their home too. We have seen trendy urban lofts in Seminyak, and also barn transformations in cutting edge interior design.
We have a lot of models of industrial lightings. Come and browse, or give us inquiry, because we have some more models in our catalogue which has not been displayed in this website. We might have the lamps that you look for.

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